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Freunde zum Registrieren bei Huobi einladen und Cashback erhalten

Huobi Cashback-Privilegprogramm

  • 30% der Gebühr als Cashback für Ihre Einladung

  • Für 3 Monate

  • Tagesabbrechnung


1. After your friend accepts the invitation, the corresponding rate of rebates will be generated when he make trades, which can produce fees.

2. The rebates will be sent to your account in the form of USDT or Points. The rebate rate of USDT and Points is 30%.

3. When the invitee uses the Point Card during a transaction, the rebate received by the inviter will be the equal number of Points. When the inviter does not use the Point Card during a transaction, the actual rebates received by the inviter will be converted into USDT.

4. The statistics of rebate is collected daily and is sent to your account the next day. The amount of rebates (USDT or Points) = the actual trading volume * fee rate * the rebate rate.

5. The valid time of rebates will start from the actual registration date of the invitee, and the valid time will be 90 days. After that, you will not enjoy the rebates incurred by the invitee’s trading.

6. The platform will take the market price every 5 minutes to convert the USDT of the corresponding currency.

7. The monthly list published on the 1st of each month only consists of the last month's data.

8. Daily settlement time is 0:00 (GMT+8) and transfer time is before 22:00 (GMT+8) the next day.

9. The withdrawal fees, deposit fees and margin interest will not be eligible for the rebates.

10. If the invitee violates the relevant risk control rules, the fee rebates will not be returned to the inviter. Meantime, the invitee's invitation status will be changed to "Invalid" and the rebate record status will be changed to "Invalid".

If the program is adjusted, please refer to the update on Huobi Global. The final interpretation right shall be owned by Huobi Global.

Notes:The rebate cap of single invitee is %q USDT (Point : USDT = 1:1). There is no total rebate cap of all invitees.

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