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Fee rate
Current fee rate
  • Maker means that you add liquidity to our order book, by placing a limit order under the last trade price for buy and above the last trade price for sell;
  • Taker means that you place an order with certain price (same price exists in the order book) immediately for buy and for sell;
  • Huobi uses the step rate by default(enjoy lower discount with certain amount of HT). Users may choose to open the Point deduction of fees. How-to-use is detailed in "More details";
  • Please refer to the relevant announcements for any promotional rates or changes.
Instructions of fee rate How can I enjoy a lower fee rate?

Past 30d trading volume - -BTC

HTOpen Interest - -HT

Professional users holding 100,000 HT can enjoy 35% discount

  • User level will be determined by total HT holding and trading amount(BTC) in recent 30 days, the sub-account and parent account will be added up;
  • Trading amount(BTC) in recent 30 days are calculated at 0:00(GMT+8) every day. BTC conversion rule: converting the closing price of BTC trading pair at 0:00(GMT+8) daily;
  • The daily HT holding is calculated bysnapshots taken at any random time last day;
  • User level and fee rate are updated at 4:00(GMT+8) every day
Ordinary users
HT Holding
Maker/HT deduction
Taker/HT deduction
Professional users
Total amount in recent 30 days(BTC) & HT Holding
Maker/HT deduction 25%off /
hold 100,000 HT 35%off
Taker/HT deduction 25%off /
hold 100,000 HT 35%off