Trade to Earn mega event is now LIVE in July ! Run XETA/USDT strategy to win $40,000 Worth of XETA

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Event details: "Trade to Earn" is a mega mining event that focuses on strategy trading. During the event, the amount you invest while running HTX Trading Bot strategies will be counted as your mining hashrates. Rewards will be given out to you in proportion to your hashrates, and will be calculated every minute. The higher hashrates mean the higher earnings, so the more you invest, the more rewards you earn.

Rules: Stand to win $40,000 Worth of XETA by trading XETA/USDT during the event. You can do so by cloning or creating your own strategy on Trading Bot.

Period: 7 days from July 20, 2022 09:00 (UTC) to July 27, 2022 09:00 (UTC).

Trading pair: XETA/USDT

Prize: Your earnings will be calculated based on the proportion of your investment during the event period. The total prize pool is worth of 40,000 USDT.

Bonus calculation: Rewards per minute = (your current investment amount/ total investment amount by all participating users) * Total prize pool/10080.

Note: "10080" is the total number of event minutes. .

Participation criteria: After the event, all users running XETA/USDT strategies (including cloned or newly created strategies) are eligible to participate in the mining. In other words, all strategies that were created before the event and continue to run throughout the event period will be counted as your mining hashrate, which you can earn rewards for accordingly.

Prize distribution:

  • The rewards of the event are XETA tokens, which are converted to the 7-day closing average price of HTX's XETA/USDT currency pair during the event, and XETA rewards equivalent to the corresponding amount of USDT will be issued.
  • Click the ‘Claim Reward’ button and go to Rewards Hub > My Bag to claim your reward after the event, If the reward is not claimed after the event, the system will keep the reward for you, please claim it as soon as possible.


About Trading Bot:

HTX Trading Bot is low-risk and easy to use even for newcomers. You can copy strategies from experienced traders with just one click, or you can create your own strategies based on your reading of the market. Trading 24/7, our Trading Bot helps you capitalize on every market movement. Start trading with Trading Bot now and profit in both bull and bear markets.


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July 20, 2022


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