Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program-2nd Phase

Dear Huobi Ambassador Candidates,

Due to the current crypto market situation and the differences in economies, we decide to remove the level limit for Huobi Ambassadors.

Our current goal to recruit Huobi Ambassadors is to expand the Huobi brand to different global regions, attract more support from local crypto resources, and bring more users who are active in crypto trading and capable of referring, expanding the market and connecting different crypto resources to the Huobi Family. We will grow and share benefits together!


Recruitment Period:00:00 (UTC) on Jul 1 – 23:59 on Jul 31, 2022


1. Qualifying Criteria

Get 20 contribution points: 10 points from providing Local Resources Support + 10 points from meeting the Referral Goal


Contribution Points

Local Resources Support (Optional)


Create a local Huobi community with no less than 200 active members


Recommend local cooperation relationships (local influencers, institutes, local famous crypto trading communities, high-quality projects) to Huobi Global


Host a local Huobi Global meet-up or offline event (with no less than 100 people)


Organize online AMA for Huobi Global with no less than 100 real local Huobi users


Help to do local crypto market research and produce an in-depth report


Other ways to facilitate positive Huobi Global brand exposure


Referral Goal (Must)

Number of Traders

Trading Volume of Referrals



2. Benefits

Getting 20 contribution points will entitle you to the below benefits:

a) 500 USDT/month

b) Permanent referral ratio: 40% for spot, 50% for futures

c) Honor of Huobi Ambassador identity, with an exclusive referral poster

d) Eligibility to join Huobi events

e) Exclusive merchandise

f) Huobi official support


3. Disqualifications

a) To qualify, you will need to meet the criteria each month. If you meet the criteria in the first month and obtain the Huobi Ambassador status, but fail to meet all the requirements in the next 2 months, you will be removed from the Huobi Ambassador family.

b) You will be disqualified if you do not get any referral traders (and thus no contribution points from referral) in the first month.

c) You will be disqualified if you get 10 points from providing local resources support but fail to meet the referral goal for 2 consecutive months.

d) You will be disqualified for any behavior that may harm Huobi Global.


4. Application to join

a) Only 100 places will be opened for the Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program. Join Now! This registration is on a voluntary basis and will be approved by Huobi after review.

b) Candidates from the following countries cannot participate in the program: Mainland China, the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea.

c) Influencers involved in any paid cooperation with Huobi are excluded.

d) Huobi reserves the right to final interpretation of this event. Huobi ambassadors need to abide by the relevant rules. Huobi reserves the right to cancel the honorary title and benefits for ambassadors who violate the rules.

Thank you for supporting Huobi Global!


Huobi Global

July 1, 2022



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Huobi Global reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and Huobi Global makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any digital asset, product, or promotion on Huobi Global. Prices of digital assets are highly volatile and trading digital assets involves risk. Please read our Risk Reminder text here.