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My Available HUSD

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Why do we choose HUSD?

HUSD relies on high-quality stable coins as the value and Huobi exchange ability as endorsement, which can provide the best risk protection and trading depth.

HUSD Exchange Rules
Exchange price

HUSD exchange price depends on the secondary market price of each stable coin.

Position circuit-breaker

The maximum and minimum positions are set for each stable coin, and the exchange in this direction is stopped after the position reaches the critical value, and the exchange is resumed after the position has been adjusted.

Advantages of HUSD

HUSD can be freely converted into other high-quality stable coins, isolating the risk of issuers from users.

Integration & depth

Integrate the trading depth of multiple stable coins.

Stable price

The reasonable pricing mechanism makes the interaction between HUSD and the stable coins with the least volatility in the pool.


Isolate the risk of bad coins from good coins. The former will not affect the exchange of the latter.

The standards of how HUSD chooses stable coins

The fiat exchange with the project team is protected by law.

Strong exchange ability between fiat money

The stable coins' teams provides high exchange limit, high frequency, high speed, and low exchange fee or even 0 fee.

Abundant liquidity

Own sufficient trading volume in BTC or ETH markets on mainstream exchanges or sufficient liquidity in the OTC market.

Stable price difference

A deviation of no more than 2% against the USD.

If the token doesn't have abundant liquidity or stable price difference, the project team is required to provide Huobi with risk deposit to ensure the exchange in case of emergency.