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Entry Standards

Huobi Diamond VIP
The total of daily holdings in the quarter reaches 400 BTC.
The total trading fee in the quarter reaches 90,000 USDT.
Huobi Gold VIP
The total of daily holdings in the quarter reaches 200 BTC.
The total trading fee in the quarter reaches 30,000 USDT.

Exclusive Benefits

Benefits Huobi Diamond VIP Huobi Gold VIP
Special authorization

1.Limit promotion.

2.Deployment of colocation near-end server.

3.Quick crediting of deposits.

4.Fast withdrawal channel.

5.The single-day withdrawal limit is increased to 3 times of ordinary users.

6.Exclusive margin limit.

1.Fast withdrawal channel.

2.The single-day withdrawal limit is increased to 2 times of ordinary users.

Discounted fee (crypto-crypto and contract trading)
Connection with investment advisers Priority in
Credit line $ 100k $ 50k
Exclusive eligibility of Huobi Next
Industry reports
Private customer service
VIP logo
Birthday gift
Holiday gift
Huobi Club coffee Unlimited free supply on site Unlimited cup refilling on site
Huobi Chat VIP logo
High-end customized events
Physical examination
Huobi family dinner

Privilege Details

  • 1. Special authorization of your account: ① Limit promotion:The limit promotion exclusive to Huobi Diamond VIP speeds up your transactions. ② Diamond VIP support colocation (deployment of the near-end server) service. ③ Quick crediting:Diamond VIP have their deposits credited quickly. ④ Fast withdrawal channels for Diamond VIP and Gold VIP. ⑤ Huobi Diamond VIP's single day withdrawal limit is increased to 3 times of ordinary users. ⑥ Exclusive margin limit for Diamond VIP. An upgraded limit can be assigned to existing trading pairs.
  • 2.Discounted fee: Diamond and Gold VIP can enjoy special fee rates of crypto-crypto and contract trading.
  • 3.Connection with investment advisers:Diamond and Gold VIP with the need to invest can be connected with a special adviser.
  • 4.Credit line:Diamond and Gold VIP with the need of large loans can complete KYC in advance and own exclusive credit lines which can be opened anytime.
  • 5.Exclusive eligibility of Huobi Next:Both Diamond VIP and Gold VIP are eligible to vote on the Huobi Next, and can participate in each phase of qualified voters' voting.
  • 6.Industry reports:Key account managers regularly send exclusive industry reports to Diamond VIP and Gold VIP.
  • 7.Private customer service:Both Diamond and Gold VIP have key account managers for one-on-one follow-up and problem-solving.
  • 8.Birthday gift:On each birthday of Diamond VIP and Gold VIP, they receive an exquisite gift from Huobi.
  • 9.Holiday gift:On special Chinese and Western festivals of Christmas and Spring Festival, Diamond VIP and Gold VIP receive holiday gifts with best wishes.
  • 10.Huobi Club coffee:Diamond VIP enjoys unlimited free supply on site while Gold VIP enjoys unlimited cup refilling on site (both limited to the VIP him/herself).
  • 11.Huobi Chat VIP logo:Both Diamond VIP and Gold VIP enjoy VIP logo in Huobi Chat.
  • 12.High-end customized events:In each season, Huobi offers high-end events tailored to Diamond VIP including Japanese hot spring trip and Mission Hills golf trip. Each season is an April day on earth.
  • 13.Physical examination card:Diamond VIP who reaches the standards of Huobi Diamond VIP in four quarters gets the high-end physical examination voucher and enjoys the physical examination package from the professional center.
  • 14.Huobi family dinner:Family dinner is held once a month and hosted by Huobi Group CEO Leo Li, or Huobi Group COO Robin Zhu, or Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng. Exclusive to Diamond VIP.
  • The privilege period shall be from December 1 to February 28 (GMT+8) in the 1st quarter, March 1 to May 31 (GMT+8) in the 2nd quarter, June 1 to August 31 (GMT+8) in the 3rd quarter and September 1 to November 30 (GMT+8) in the 4th quarter.
  • The data is calculated 15 days in advance of each quarter. The notification is sent according to the VIP list on a quarterly basis and in the form of SMS and email by [email protected] If you don't receive SMS or email, then you are not included in the VIP list. Notifications of the new quarter for Diamond and Gold VIP will be sent on 15 natural days prior to the start of the quarter.
  • About changes of level:
  • 1.Diamond and Gold VIP in the first quarter will automatically be changed to the corresponding level at the beginning of the next quarter.
  • 2.The VIP list for the second quarter is based on the data from 2018-11-16 to 2019-02-15 (GMT+8).
  • If you have any questions, please send email to  [email protected]
  • Key Client Privilege Upgrade Program is limited to users in mainland China. Huobi Global has the final right of interpretation of the privileges.